Candy Crush Level 109 Videos

I bet I can guess exactly how your Candy Crush progress is going so far. You’ve spent many countless hours trying to get through in the game but you’re still stuck at level 109 after numerous frustrating attempts.

Am I close?

I’m not all that surprised. As simple as this game may seem, it’s a pain in the butt to play it properly and even then it can be overwhelming trying to get ahead of your competition.

You’ve only got so many hours right? So, how do you take advantage of them as best as possible?
Sounds like a tough question, but the truth is that there are hundreds, if not thousands of ways to blast through Candy Crush content 10 times faster than you could anywhere else.

Check out the video below. This may be the next best thing to having a true Candy Crush Super Star personally showing you all there tricks.


Candy Crush Level 109 How To

Many people think level 109 is impossible or your just need to get lucky to get past. There may be some hint of truth in these statements. However, I have found a great video that may shed some light on how to get past this level after all.

Getting Past Candy Crush 109

There are always levels each game that gives us fits. The Candy Crush Saga is no stranger to these type levels that haunt our game play in the online games we play. Level 109 seams to be more than just an expediently hard level to get past. It is the level that gives then even the most experienced players fits. It is my hope to offer you some tip and trick that can get you past this level and on with the game.

One of the most frustrating levels in Candy Crush to get past is level 109. With bombs burred away in stand alone blocks means that your burning through lives a a very fast pace. Your gonna need to get rid of the boobs, and to do that you need to look for and find horizontal strips and strip combos. There is really no other way, and this may take some time, effort, and some element of luck. You will need to repeat the process with the jellies. Looking near the bottom for candy matches as it increases your chances for cascading candies that create strips.

Just remember this level may take some time and possibly a little bit of luck.

Good luck and check back often I will be bring more updates and tips as soon as I have them.